Pakistan has received details on where India’s nuclear installations are located

Islamabad (NNI) The list of nuclear installations and facilities was exchanged between Pakistan and India annually. According to the Foreign Office, the list of nuclear installations and facilities in Pakistan has been officially handed over to a representative of the Indian High Commission. According to the list of Indian nuclear installations was handed over to […]

NAB amendment R Denance was a difficult decision what was considered the NAB chairman?

Islamabad (NNI) Prime Minister Imran Khan has termed the amendment ordinance of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) a difficult decision, saying that democracy has to go through political consultation and consensus. Tax cases fall under the purview of the Federal Board of Revenue, which does not involve NAB. After 2008, the country has a debt […]

Rohingya Muslims refuse to go back to Myanmar until they have a separate identity

Dhaka (NNI) – Rohingya refugees based in Bangladesh refuse to return to Myanmar before declaring their status as a nation and given formal recognition. According to media reports, Rohingya refugees’ leaders The demand came from Myanmar officials who came to negotiate a return visit. As a result of an ongoing violent campaign against the Rohingya […]

The cause of the allies is to support the Constitutional Government Colonel Turkey al-Maliki

Colonel Turkey al-Maliki, spokesman for the Arab Alliance, which supports the Constitutional Government in Yemeni (NNI) Yemen, said the Houthi militia massacred in the market of the all-proven tribe in Sadda. The reason for targeting All Sabit is to stand with the constitutional government. Talking to Arab TV, Al-Maliki said that the Houthis commit militia […]

Lahore High Court orders release of Rana Sanaullah

The Lahore High Court has approved the bail of Rana Sanaullah, the PML-N leader. According to the details, the drug export case against Rana Sana was heard in the Lahore High Court. Justice Chaudhry Mushtaq approves Rana Sanaullah’s bail plea The court has directed Rana Sanaullah to submit two crores of rupees 10,10 lakh. During […]