There will be no flowering season by 2020 detailed report on the conditions and events studied

The year 2019 has been full of diplomatic challenges for Pakistan, negative impacts on foreign policy of political and economic instability are visible, the issue of Kashmir, East and West border tensions, pressure from global financial institutions remain major challenges. ۔ Pakistan, US relations have improved slightly, Pakistan’s efforts have led to US, Taliban talks. […]

Assistant Director Ijaz Shaikh who raided the office of Pakistan Muslim League-N

Islamabad (NNI) Assistant Director Ijaz Shaikh, who raided the office of Pakistan Muslim League-N, has been found guilty of the FIA. On Thursday, Chief Justice Atharmanullah heard the petition against Jahangir Khan Jadoon against the FIA. During the hearing, PML-N lawyer Jahangir Khan Jadun submitted a copy of the FIR to the Islamabad High Court. […]