What will we do if the Army Chief Extension issue comes to Parliament?

Peshawar (Online) Awami National Party central president Asfandyarwali Khan has said that the ANP believes in the supremacy of the parliament, the army chief’s resolution through the parliament is actually the supremacy of the parliament, the Awami National Party has always held the parliament. He has struggled for supremacy and will stand with the other opposition parties while standing with Parliament on this issue. The ANP chief said in a statement issued from the Baacha Khan Center, Peshawar, that the army chief’s extension was an administrative matter but handled it incorrectly.

What will we do if the Army Chief Extension issue comes to Parliament

However, now that the matter has come to Parliament, the Awami National Party will support it. The judicial decision on this matter was also commendable. In this regard, the Parliament should find a solution after which the dignity and respect of the parties are maintained. Legislature should not create situations in which there is a danger to the institutions and with respect, Parliament will maintain its supremacy and find a permanent solution to the issue. The present government has neither any plan nor any knowledge of the legislature. If the matter was resolved as it was in the past, this amendment would not have been required today. Now Parliament will have to make a final decision so that such situations do not arise in the future.

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