There will be no flowering season by 2020 detailed report on the conditions and events studied

The year 2019 has been full of diplomatic challenges for Pakistan, negative impacts on foreign policy of political and economic instability are visible, the issue of Kashmir, East and West border tensions, pressure from global financial institutions remain major challenges. ۔ Pakistan, US relations have improved slightly, Pakistan’s efforts have led to US, Taliban talks. Many important issues and activities continue on diplomatic horizons in 2019, there will be no flowers in 2020, the hanging sword of the Financial Action Task Force, Modi terrorism.

There will be no flowering season by 2020 detailed report on the conditions and events studied

Human tragedy will be major challenges in Indian water offensive, occupied Kashmir, Pakistan India is unlikely to hold bilateral talks, disputes for Pakistan can create problems for Jammu and Kashmir and global financial institutions at the diplomatic level, Pakistan has to create balanced policies. Relations with major countries, including the Muslim world, the United States, need to be improved and the number of friendly countries will increase. According to the report, in 2019, the dispute was the focus of the foreign policy of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan propagating peace, India continued to express hostility, Paloma, Indian offensive ambitions, conventional and nuclear war threats, water aggression, terror on the Line of Control and occupation.

The euphemism of the August 5 defamation initiatives continued throughout the year; most of India’s actions were based on Kashmiris and Pakistan was hostile. Pakistan exposed the face of the Modi government. On February 26, India responded to the infiltration into Pakistan by violating the Pakistani border, which was answered by the Pakistan Air Force on February 27, disputing the Kashmir issue, including the UN, worldwide. The international media also shouted for serious human rights abuses, Pakistan won in the trial of Indian spy and present service commander Kalbhushan Yadav in the International Court of Justice.

Pakistan holds patience, Hitler Modi’s Hindutva agenda has been revealed to everyone in the world; Indian racketeering actions have made occupied Kashmir dead and imprisoned, while the controversial citizenship amendment bill has restricted Indian land for minorities, especially Muslims, In the year 2019, relations with China came out better than ever. Minor progress was seen in relations with Russia, Pakistan-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission meeting was held in which important decisions were taken. Relations with Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries improved, but the Kuala Lumpur summit raised tensions, raising many questions from Turkey and Malaysia over Pakistan’s absence. Pak-Afghan relations continued to be mistrusted but Taliban negotiations with Pakistani efforts were tabled. On the other hand, Pakistan-US relations continued to improve with cold weather but remained high despite high level visits, relations with the EU and the UK continued to improve.

There will be no flowering season by 2020 detailed report on the conditions and events studied

The British Africa initiative to improve relations with African countries has begun, but diplomatic relations with other regions of South America, Central Asia and Eastern Europe remain extremely weak. According to experts, the Foreign Action 2020 will not have a flowering season. The hanging sword, Modi terror, Indian aggression, human tragedy in occupied Kashmir will be major challenges, Pakistan-India bilateral talks unlikely, Pakistan’s dispute is focused on Kashmir, terms of global financial institutions can create diplomatic problems. , Pakistan has to create balanced policies Or, relations with major countries, including the Muslim world, the US must improve and increase the number of friendly countries.

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