Pakistanis foreign ambassador involved in misuse of import facility?

Islamabad (Online) On the one hand, the government is trying to collect maximum tax by expanding the tax net, while on the other hand luxury of representatives of some international NGOs, foreign diplomats and military personnel from some countries. Billions of rupees are being misused by misusing the duty-free import of vehicles. According to the report, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) raised the matter before the Foreign Ministry and requested that all foreign embassies write letters to international NGOs Understand the standard under which luxury vehicles are imported into Pakistan for duty-exempt ambassadors and other foreigners. In the end, FBR chairman Shabir Zaidi informed the Foreign Ministry that some diplomats The missions and embassies are misusing the duty-free facility by importing more vehicles than they need.

Pakistanis foreign ambassador involved in misuse of import facility

He called on the ministry to revise the existing duty-free import mechanism for embassies, diplomatic missions and distinguished members. According to sources, the method of saving billions of rupees in terms of duty is to sell vehicles. Yaros, representatives of international NGOs or military personnel, imported from different countries, but their original owners are Pakistani. Shuber Zaidi said in his letter that the FBR notice stated that the vehicles Were given to unauthorized persons for use and after some time they were sold.

It should be noted that foreign ambassadors, international NGO representatives and military personnel from different countries are exempted from import duty and the vehicle they import is used for 3 years diplomatic registration number. Old cars do not impose import duty so after this period the vehicles are transferred to their original owners (Pakistanis). For example, the price of Lexus SUV is Rs 1 crore and if any Pakistani will import it. So he has to pay Rs 3 crore duty but this amount can be saved. When the vehicle is imported by a person who is exempt from import duty. In this method the importer (foreign ambassador / military attache) gets financial benefit while the car owner (Pakistani) gets cheaper car at market price. For example, leaks cost around Rs 4 crore, but with this scam, the Pakistani owner gets Rs 1.5 crore.

Pakistanis foreign ambassador involved in misuse of import facility

According to a senior official of the Islamabad Registration Authority, the fraud has increased since September 11, 2001. When the government used security number plates (which start with QL, QM and QN) for security reasons. Allowing school. As a result, cars are now imported by foreign ambassadors and Pakistani owners misuse it with a cover number plate. According to sources, in some cases ‘fake letter of deployment’ has been issued by the ambassadors claiming that The driver of the car is a Pakistani embassy driver. The vehicles imported under this fraud include Lamborghini, Camaro, Hummer, Nissan GTRs (R35), Rolls Rice, Lexus, Bentley, Porsche and BMW. Included.

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