Saudi airports deployed speakers who know many languages

Riyadh (NNI) Saudi Arabia’s government is always engaged in efforts to facilitate Hajj pilgrimage of the son of Tawheed by introducing new facilities for pilgrims, Hajj and Umrah. During its stay in the country, it is usually difficult to express the defendants in their own language, but the Saudi government has resolved the issue of pilgrims to a large extent.

Saudi airports deployed speakers who know many languages

Volunteer and students of different languages Hajj pilgrims from other countries are being trained in their own language. More than 10 language experts have been deployed by the Directorate General of Saudi Arabia at the airport.

Visitors coming from foreign countries specialize in foreign language speakers at government airports. Thus, English, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Persian, Urdu and Turkish spokesmen have been appointed at Saudi Arabian airports. These translators welcome pilgrims to the airport passenger rooms and guide them in their language.

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